We are more than a team of collaborators, we have true partnerships in the best facilities in the world. We know how and where your product will be optimally built for your goals.

Our Process


 Our process protects you and your property throughout the entire manufacturing process.


 We know our supply chain inside and out. We will get your product done on time.

Import & Delivery

 Leave it to us. Our process includes getting your product where you need it.

Testing and Compliance

  The quality and safety of every custom plush product we make is our top priority.
We design all products to ensure compliance to all required toy safety rules and regulations for anywhere in the world.

We work only with independent 3rd party testing laboratories that are certified and accredited to test for all U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission rules and regulations. You can be sure that your items are safe and trustworthy.

We will provide a full test report and certificate of conformity that shows your product has been tested and is safe.

Are you outside the U.S.? No problem! All of our products are designed to comply with testing and compliance standards anywhere in the world. And we can have them tested and certified for any requirements in your country.

We are proud of the connections we make
between brands and their customers.

Case Study


Eskimo Joe’s

Eskimo Joe’s, a famous sports bar and restaurant located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, has a very well-known mascot, Buffy! Eskimo Joe’s partnered with Jaag to develop a custom made, branded plush version of Buffy that is now sold exclusively at their locations. What started out as one item, has now become a multiple sku product line for their very loyal customer base.

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